Dwayne Carl-An AIDS Survival Story. Empowering. Educating. Inspiring. Out Of My Second Closet - a memoir of his triumphant journey over AIDS, surviving death.

Read the latest news and updates on HIV/AIDS, bring awareness to your home and community. Be empowered the best defense is to be informed your life is at stake.

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This book is a gift to humanity and offers a sagacious analysis of Dwayne's intimate relationship with his diagnosis. It serves as an eye-opening, inspirational source for anyone who has ever thought about or experienced HIV/AIDS- directly or indirectly.

The author brilliantly charms our hearts with his easy-going style, provoking the reader to get up and close with this very personal matter. Every word written is for US - the ignorant, those afraid, and others who fight every day. It is undoubtedly, inscribed by LOVE.

- Carmen Rubin, author/singer

Dearest "Shoe" (I think that will be your nickname...), The Love Letter is so beautiful, in so many ways. Beauty in honesty. Beauty in awareness. Beauty in the writing.


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Dwayne Carl's mission is to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS, as well as other chronic illnesses He offers resources for HIV and AIDS survivors and their supporters. His passion to inform the populous on the ill treatment of HIV/AIDS survivors is out of the pain of his own experience.
I Have Aids...This Is My Life

I became deadly ill in 2001. I was afraid to go to a doctor. I almost died, by the grace of God, I made it. I know what it is like to be afraid. You're not alone. I have aids, and this is my story and my life.

I pray this is a life-line to you. My love letter.

Disclosing My Status-The Stigma
Disclosing my status is a hardline stance that keeps me grounded and protected. I refuse to be a victim and instead choose to take a positive approach to the way things are and focus on the things I enjoy doing.

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Spellman College- Dwayne speaks to the ladies of Spellman, they reveal compelling stories of HIV/AIDS stories they have heard of back in Atlanta.
Out of My Second Closet

Dwayne Carl’s book Out of My Second Closet is HERE!

You've heard it talked about and now you can experience his journey first hand; his plight from a deadly illness, to a life of prejudices, inequality, stigmas, the world's mis-understanding the pain of a person living with an aids diagnosis.

Purchase your copy of "Out of My Second Closet" today. For each book purchase Dwayne Carl will donate $1.00 to AIDS Lifecycle to support the beneficiaries in need of food, housing and medical care to those infected with HIV/AIDS who have no other access to ongoing support. Purchase your copy today!

Paperback BOOK VERSION $17.95 plus S&H

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping and delivery.

Out of My Second Closet Digital Version

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