Read the latest news and updates on Hiv/Aids bring awareness to your home and community. The lack of knowledge of deadly diseases is an open door to infection don't wait until it is too late.

Be empowered the best defense is to be informed your life is at stake.

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Dwayne, this is absolutely amazing, I am in tears as I drive to san diego with my girls to visit my mom, and your love letter , as I feel it, is for every aching heart, regardless of the diagnosis in the body, Thank you, reading your letter and meeting you in person are such an inspiration, thank you so much for showing up in my life in this moment, u r an angel
- Amarian

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Dwayne Carl's mission is to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS, as well as other chronic illnesses He offers resources for HIV and AIDS survivors and their supporters. His passion to inform the populous on the ill treatment of HIV/AIDS survivors is out of the pain of his own experience.

Article provided by: National Registration Center for Study Abroad (NRCSA)

Language Programs Abroad

Language Programs Abroad Many people have an interest in studying in a foreign country. In some cases, students may need to enter into a special program with their university in order to accomplish this. However, that’s not always necessary. Anyone who is interested in learning a foreign language can participate in language programs abroad. There are a number of different options available in various countries across the globe.

Immersion Language Training

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to become immersed in it. Immersion language training includes a variety of methods to surround you with the language while you’re learning it. Take a training course abroad so you’ll get the full impact of the course.

In addition to attending classes, living abroad enables you to speak with local residents on a daily basis. You’ll get a chance to speak in their language all the time. You must learn the language so you can communicate with the people around you. Everywhere you go as you tour the city and take in the sights, you’ll be surrounded by people speaking the language that you’re learning.

Language Classes

Language classes designed for adults are much more interesting than those you took as part of a high school requirement. These classes are small to provide an intimate setting for you to learn with a group of students on a similar learning level. The instructor spends time teaching from a textbook, but also employs plenty of other methods into the coursework.

Choose from beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses. Each course runs a particular length of time, typically 5 to 8 weeks. After completion of the course you will receive a certificate and you may take proceed to another more advanced course if you like. You may spend as much or as little time taking language programs abroad as fits your schedule.

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs are perfect for adults and students of any type. Business professionals and those who simply want to learn the language for fun are all welcome in the program. Students must be over the age of 17 or must be accompanied by an adult unless they are enrolled in an approved study program.

If you have a particular country or city that you’ve always wanted to visit you can enroll in one of the many language programs abroad. Each program is specifically designed to provide excellent language training provided by a qualified professional instructor. Regardless of your age, you can enroll in one of our many customizable programs that will teach you the fundamentals of the language. You’ll find yourself speaking the language in record time, while enjoying the sights and culture of the city.

You don’t need to have any formal language training before you enter the program. Students are assessed on a weekly basis so you are assured that you’re learning at the rate you want. Class groups or private tutoring is often available so you can fit the training into your busy schedule. Contact the National Registration Center for Study Abroad to learn more about our extensive programs. 
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