Read the latest news and updates on Hiv/Aids bring awareness to your home and community. The lack of knowledge of deadly diseases is an open door to infection don't wait until it is too late.

Be empowered the best defense is to be informed your life is at stake.

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This is very powerful and breath-taking! The power of voice to influence is an amazing road to tread and may not always be popular but necessary.

We need to be educated so ignorance and fear doesn’t cause us to ostracize hurting precious people. Our arms need to embrace our loved ones and help the through that fear of dying and some may have died alone.

Loved ones not being by their side is a horrible fate and end to a life. I don’t know if I could bare losing you? If it comes a time that we must face this then we face it together. I will be by your side and I will hold you in my arms as long as there is breath in my body.

-Margaret A. Jackson Business Coach and Radio Host Business on the Edge
your sister, I love you big brother.

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Dwayne’s mission is to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS, as well as other chronic illnesses
He offers resources for HIV and
AIDS survivors and their supporters.
His passion to inform the populous
on the ill treatment of HIV/AIDS survivors is out of the pain of his own experience.
Press and Media Links

May 16, 2012 Press Release - Out of My Second Closet: I Have AIDS—Get OVA It! AIDS survivors are encouraged to come out of the closet to help raise awareness and eradicate STIGMA

May 25, 2012 Profiles of Courage - The Dwayne Carl Story: - Interview with Dwayne Carl

June 04, 2012 Why We Ride?: - AIDS Lifecycle 2012 Video Interview with Dwayne Carl

June 07, 2012 Huffington Post IVideo Interview with Dwayne Carl-AIDS Lifecycle: - AIDS/LifeCycle Rider Wants Churches to Stop Unintentionally Helping Spread HIV and AIDS

June 09, 2012 AIDS Lifecycle 2012: - Closing Ceremonies Speaker, Los Angeles

August 09, 2012 Radio Interview: - Color Your Life Happy with Dr. Flora Brown

October 9, 2012 Dwayne Interview with Denise Dador: KABC 7 News

October 14, 2012 Dwayne Speech: AIDS WAlk 2012

Aids Life Cycle Closing Ceremony

“I have AIDS—get OVA it!”

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Purchase your copy of "Out of My Second Closet" today. For each book purchase Dwayne Carl will donate $1.00 to AIDS Lifecycle to support the beneficiaries in need of food, housing and medical care to those infected with HIV/AIDS who have no other access to ongoing support. Purchase your copy today!

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